triumph tower

1- abandoned

Paige's Pride Theatre
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After having witnessed an escape attempt by a cross-blood named Raj, who was being held in triumph tower, Fiodor went with Oliver and found the resistance by way of an invite from a guard, telling them to meet at the Paige’s Pride theater. The theater seemed to be a rundown sort of place with little to no evidence of it still being in business, however after being led in by a forged who met them out front, and meeting two other travelers who were given a similar invite, they were welcomed and the resistance was explained. They were told that the darkness seen by Trajan is corrupting the triumpherate and that the resistance is trying to oppose that. they also learned of the collecting of cross bloods and their containment under the tower. Their guide and the one giving explainations was a flamboyant forged by the name of McBeefpunch. Eventually a plan was hatched to make two raids on the tower simultaneously, McBeefpunch and Fiodor would take Oliver and search the lower areas under the tower, attempting to free Raj, and Broh’Dahm’Riin and Trajan were set to infiltrate the tower itself, and try to work their way up to the triumphirate themselves and remove as much corruption as they could along the way.


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