Trajan Half-Face

A large, broad-shouldered man whose long, dark hair faintly conceals a face ruined by fire


Trajan is a human bounty hunter from the Triumvirate, with an obsession for tracking demons. Granted the power of a seer after an aspect of Mephisto marred his face with a hellish flame that took his family from him, Trajan uses his gifts to find people. His large frame and skill with the sword bely his studious nature, though few would call him thoughtful as his mouth tends to run several paces ahead of his judgement. Having spent little time in cities and interacting, particularly after his scarring, Trajan is not particularly adept at social cues. He is blind in his left eye.

Trajan is an human expert with the sage background. He wears a chain shirt, haggard with use and bears a shield for defense. A hand-and-a-half sword with a cracked silver pommel hangs at his side, and he carries a backpack filled with a motley assortment of rations, survival gear, and books on demons and the dark river slung across his back.


Trajan Half-Face

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