A stout young Weefolk wearing a dark green and brown hooded-tunic and a backpack holding a black/purple flower sits in the chair across the room.


Bhro’ is a young Weefolk traveller. He has spent his life trekking across the lands of Titan, having fled his homeland to study botany. He fears dragons and has trouble being around the scent of blood. Due to his life on the road, Bhro’ spends as little time as possible in settlements and prefers to sleep in the wild; however, he prides himself on his manners when he must interact with civilized folk’.

He has short, dark hair, tanned skin, and eyes that glimmer in the sun like a calm forrest lake; because of this, he keeps his hood up almost constantly.

During his travels, Bhro’ has grown fond of the one-eyed human, Trajan, finding the man’s knowledge and subtle magical prowess refreshing.


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